THE MUSEUM OF LIGHT: Artists as Alchemists: Just as an alchemist transforms led into gold, do you feel that being an artist relates to that of being an alchemist? Do you view the artist journey and your creative expression, as alchemy?

DA DREAK: When you think about the creation of a piece of work in reverse you can find the true definition or process of alchemy. Turning an idea into something tangible that everybody can enjoy requires a certain amount of skill. Especially when that piece of work becomes timeless.

THE MUSEUM OF LIGHT: The Evidence of the Journey: Artists are often labeled as "stars.” Just as a star radiates light and the planets then reflect this light, do you see your work as an artist like that of a star? Is this "light" that stars radiate merely the evidence of this journey of becoming a star/learning to radiate light?

DA DREAK:  Absolutely, understanding who you are as an artist will reflect in anything you do. Our work as artist in most cases inspires the next individual, sparking the next idea. I always want to inspire people simply because I feel it is my job to keep the cycle going.

THE MUSEUM OF LIGHT: The Courage to Create: When an artist is not "creating" it is often labeled a "creative block." How do you navigate this space, how do you find the creative spark in the dark, and does it require courage to create from this unknown space? Describe this process.

DA DREAK:  Being a creative your inspiration comes from many things, I stay away from distractions and make it a habit of entertaining certain activities to keep my creative mind exercised. Taking the time to learn something new or stepping outside of my comfort zone is necessary. I never try to force creativity, if you are active enough in your life that "creative spark" will appear often if not constantly.

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