From L to R: Billy Johnson Jr., Adell Henderson, Joslyn Rose Lyons, Rafael Casal, Matt Smith, Malik K. Buie

From L to R: Billy Johnson Jr., Adell Henderson, Joslyn Rose Lyons, Rafael Casal, Matt Smith, Malik K. Buie

"There's an over saturation of salacious media coverage on the internet. The intent of this project is to add more positive affirmations into the mix. The artists we have interviewed for the light thus far have shared with us the philosophies of their triumphs and we know people will be blessed when they hear these stories. This is just a taste of what's to come... Those who are determined, fearless, and accomplished will find affirmation in the light. Those who are hopeful, apprehensive, and in need of direction, will use the light as a guide. That is our purpose."  

Billy Johnson Jr., Music Journalist


"As a leader, a student and a die hard fan of hip-hop, my responsibility as a journalist/producer is to showcase the greater good of the lifestyle, and preserve the culture that raised me. My decision to unite with influential, like minded peers to bring the light to the world was a no brainier."

Adell Henderson, Music Journalist/Editor in Chief  

@adellhenderson101 @respectmag



"It inspires me to explore the creative process and to understand more
about the artists' journey. The museum of light creates this space.
It's a platform where we highlight this process. All the content we
are creating here, allows people to see a glimpse of the job of an
artist and the magic that happens along the way."

Joslyn Rose Lyons, Producer/Director



"As history shows, it is hard not to be drawn to the light. Both in
people and in projects that resonate. When Joslyn first asked me if I
was interested in aproject dedicated to giving language and focus to
what drives the creative mind,  I realized was experiencing her
creativity at work during that very conversation, excited and
energized by the brainstorm that was stirring between us in
collaboration. Realizing that the very feeling I was experiencing in
that moment was the focus of the light project itself, how could I not
contribute? It was already happening, and it hasn't stopped since."

Rafael Casal, Writer/Producer/Performer



"The light represents the power of the arts. I find it fascinating to
examine the truly gifted artist, who has not only mastered the
technical aspects of their craft but is also able to connect with,
influence and inspire an audience through their artistic light."

Matt Smith, Producer/Director REVOLUTIONLABORATORY.COM


"I would be crazy to turn down the opportunity to work with the
producers and curators for this project. I make it a habit of working
with creative and inspirational people, and that’s who I'm working
with for The Museum of Light. It’s important to explore the light
and an artist's journey in order to get a greater understanding of
them, their process, but most importantly, its cool when you find
commonalities in their journey that you relate to, and that speaks to
you...That is inspiring."

Malik Buie, Director/Producer