Mara Hruby: Finding her Light

The Museum of Light series, “Conversations in Light” that explores the alchemy of the artists' journey, recently sat down in-studio with singer/songwriter Mara Hruby at Heritage Recording Co. in Los Angeles, to discuss her creative process. On the heels of the NPR premiere of her music video for “In the Wee Small Hours,” a song from her 2014 EP Archaic Rapture, Hruby opens up about why she chose to express her heartache via covering jazz songs.

“I was writing about it on my own time but I wasn’t ready to share what my writings were about,” she tells “Conversations in Light,” “which is why I felt it was the best therapy for me to do all those jazz standard songs because it was a way for me to cycle through my emotions without directly having to talk about what mine particularly were.”

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