Literally, The Sun Powers Sunstock Solar Festival

Amazing. This is a must-feature for The Museum of Light. Bands radiate their light from a stage fueled by the power of the sun.

Yes, we know that you can power your home via solar panels instead of traditional electricity. But can you really generate enough solar energy for eight bands to play a festival? Just ask Sunstock Solar Festival founder and executive producer Sylar Funk.

Funk spearheaded the rare event that took place on Saturday at The Autry at Griffith Park in Los Angeles and provided a stage for his band Trapdoor Social as well as Allah-Las, Wavves, Cults, Kali Kings, The Big Pink Gateway Drugs and Yoya to share their good vibes.

Food trucks, information booths from solar companies and more supported the event that drew thousands of fans who reclined on the lawn enjoyed the music.  

It was no easy feat, but they pulled it off and are planning to take a variation of the show on the road.

You can find this story on The Museum of Light site and also online at RESPECT Magazine.

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Photo credit: Chris Contreras

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