PJ Uses Her Experiences to ‘Make People Happy’

PJ’s soulful, folky track “Gangster” is easily one of the most refreshing new songs this year. On the anthem, the Atlantic Records artist fantasizes about adopting a thuggish alter-ego, singing, “Just wanna be gangster, just seems like gangstaness is so much fun.” It’s just one of the songs from her debut album, RARE, out this Friday, that allows her to put a more upbeat spin on life’s somber moments.

When the Museum of Light asked PJ if she compared her sometimes optimistic point of view to alchemy, she took a second to think about her answer. “I never considered myself an alchemist but when you put it like that with the lead to gold,” she explains during an interview at Atlantic Records studio in North Hollywood, “I guess I kinda am.”

Incredibly humble, PJ explains the transformative aspect of her songwriting. “I take my life experiences -- my real life experiences -- and kinda like present them in a way that makes them seem not as bad or can make people happy; which is a form of gold in itself, happiness.”

PJ’s music definitely puts us in a good mood. The artist who has written songs for the likes of Fantasia and Chris Brown has also recently released a few other new records, “Can’t Stop” and “Come Down” with Ty $ign. She’s currently on tour with K. Michelle.

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