V. Bozeman Uses Her Art "To Help Bring Love"

"Empire" actress and singer V.Bozeman isn't just striking visually, she's walking in her powerful purpose.

When The Museum of Light recently spoke to her at the "Road to BET Experience" concert at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, Bozeman explained that she wants to use her art to inspire.

"Nia Simone said it best," the "What Is Love" songstress told The Museum of Light producer Billy Johnson Jr. "If you're an artist on this platform and you don't use it, what good are you? I'm from a humble beginning. ... I know how vital that is."

Bozeman doesn't take her influence lightly. "Once people see us doing the right thing and using our gifts to being purposeful and helping the human condition it's always a more powerful statement than just being a celebrity," she said. "You have to remember that God gave you the gift so we are supposed to give it back. To help heal, to help mend, to help bring love and all those good great things."

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