Alchemy in Motown

The Museum of Light was granted exclusive access to interviews with the acts on Motown’s label at a July showcase held at Capitol Records in Los Angeles. The acts who are defined as The New Definition of Soul talked to The Museum of Light about their journey as artists and shared their reflections on alchemy.

In this special series Alchemy in Motown Mila J, Sebaastian Kole, and Kevin Ross will share their thoughts on becoming a star, not in the sense of “fame” but in the sense of alchemy.

Alchemy in Motown will be debuting online with The Museum of Light and Respect Magazine this summer!

You can also find this story and others from The Museum of Light at RESPECT Magazine.

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Billy Johnson Jr., Joslyn Rose Lyons, Adell Henderson, Rafael Casal, Matt Smith, Malik Buie.

Photo credit above: Chris Contreras, Danez World